The Dragon Prince - Season 2

The Dragon Prince - Season 2

The series is set in a fantasy world where humans and elves are in conflict. Long ago, the humans used dark magic, and were driven off by the dragons and elves to one end of the continent. Now, after humans killed the dragon king and his egg, war is imminent. As forces gather, the elves attempt to assassinate the human king Harrow and his heir, the young prince Ezran. One among the elves, the young Rayla, along with Ezran and his older half-brother Callum, discover that the dragon king's egg wasn't in fact destroyed, but stolen. Together they undertake to return the egg to the dragons to prevent war.

Genre: -

Actor: Jack De Sena, Paula Burrows, Sasha Rojen

Director: -

Country: -

Episode: 9 eps

Duration: 26 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 8