Hard Boiled

Hard Boiled

The film is a story about two policemen ,Tequila lost hiss friend-Benny in a fierce gun battle with the criminal gangs. He decided to avenge her by you instead of finding evidence to take them out for punishment before the law, regardless of their superiors estoppel. And Alan (Tony Leung) was an undercover cop in the underground activities. Because tasks and Alan had to hand with an old boss and cloud juniors to run into other gangs led by Wong. These gangs also got involved is related to the death of Benny. While Tequila revenged Alan Wong, the penance he also wanted to support part tormented by what he had done. Alan and Tequila clashed in a gun battle between gangsters and nearly bit more killed each other by Tequila did not know the condition of Alan. After having known each other, they both stand to break the gang of Wong

Duration: 128 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1992

IMDb: 7